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    Network Printer Problem

    Printer is one of the most widely used computer peripheral in projects and businesses, and also, one of the most important output devices. Printers are meant for producing hard copies of electronic documents, which are composed in a computer. In other words, you can get a printed copy of the documents which you have created in your machine, on a plain paper.

    Printers tend to differ in their speed, size, cost and sophistication. But they may be essentially categorized into two major types of printers, viz. Inkjet Printers and Laser Printers. In spite of all the amenities, which the printers have at offer, they have their own fair share of problems as well. Some of the common problems related to inkjet printers and laser printers have been discussed below.

    Common Problems Related to Printers & their Solutions

    There are several issues surrounding the performance of printers. Some of the common problems which are frequently faced by computer users are paper jam, misfeeds, spooler problems, ghosting problems, previously lined documents do not get canceled, driver missing for particular operating systems, ink smearing problems, documents fail to print, printer not identified by the computer, printer not connected to the network, printer showing offline, issues with solution centers, and many more.

    All the problems mentioned above are only the symptoms of some deep rooted technical problems. You may follow these simple troubleshooting tips in order to find some possible solutions to these lingering issues –

    First of all, you need to check whether your printer is powered on. It happens at times that you forget to power on your printer, and keep wondering throughout the day about what is wrong with your printer.

    Secondly, check whether the paper tray is loaded with papers or not. If there are no papers in the paper tray, then you have to refill it. But make sure that you do not overload the tray with papers. You should keep some free space in the paper tray in order to smoothen the printing process.

    Thirdly, you need to find out whether the printer is connected to your computer or not. If you have forgotten to connect the printer to your computer then you must connect it. If it is already connected, pull out the cable and reconnect it.

    Fourthly, the issue might also be with the printer driver software. It is the software which creates a link between the printer and the computer. If you still have not installed the driver software then you must install it, in order to make use of your printer. If it is already installed, then it might not be properly installed. In that case, you need to re-install the driver software.

    Instant Solutions to Printer Problems via Remote PC Support

    If the above solutions are not sufficient for you to resolve your issues, then you need more advanced troubleshooting. In that case you must avail the services of tech support. There are numerous tech support providers in the market who offer instant solutions to all kinds of technical problems related to printers, through remote PC support. Moreover, the remote PC support services are available round the clock, throughout the year, at most affordable rates.

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