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    Copier Belong to large office equipment, copy load is characterized by large, durable. But even the copier, but also require regular cleaning and maintenance, if the lack of regular maintenance, when to use a copier to a certain amount of time or after the number of copies, there will be some small problems, such as imaging components produced by dust, pollution of parts as well as wear and tear, or fatigue of rubber and plastic parts or aging. These failures will affect the normal operation of photocopiers and affect the quality of copy products. So on a regular basis to clean up and maintenance of the copier is very important.

    Key components, including clean-up copier copiers photosensitive drum, corona devices, imaging devices, optical system, for feeding organizations. Although these components common, but the real clean up is not easy. Guer I order the correct copy machine maintenance and cleaning methods for your reference.

    Copier maintenance and maintenance of the correct

    Ready copier maintenance should turn the power off before, open the door, remove the draft table glass, and then, respectively, cleaner, imaging devices, corona device (charging, NP, AC eliminate electrode, transfer, consumer electronic, pre-transfer, clean electrodes, etc.), eliminating lamp (full exposure light, pre-transfer lamp, eliminating light, like room / like the edge of elimination lights, etc.) out, and then the fuser and pull boxes and other components in succession and the last to take drum. Remove the imaging drum in and around the components, the attention to the imaging drum can not be designated a bad, bad because the program will copy the corresponding left and scratches stains and difficult to repair.

    An optical system maintenance In the maintenance of the optical system, do not arbitrarily adjust the scan frame guide plate, the fourth mirror angle adjustment screws, the lens in situ sensors and lens guide; Do not bend or damage the lens supporting plate or polyester film section; not hand-to-reflector, light lamps, mirrors and lenses; Do not bend cable or fiber optic cable light exposure.

    (1) with a soft clean cloth dipped draft cover alcohol or water, if necessary, replacement.

    (2) with a soft clean cloth dipped alcohol or water exposure draft sets the glass.

    (3) Clean and lubricate guide rods and guide frame scanning, transmission and scanning rack gear guide rod linoleum rings to ensure the level of scanning Lighthouse on the rail, smooth back and forth movement; because if the slide surface of the oil , dust or foreign matter will affect parts of the uniform scanning movement and to jitter when scanning Lighthouse Movement, affect the quality of copy products. Note: The high temperature lubricant oil should be used.

    (4) Clean and lubricate the lens drive motor, drive gear and lens guide.

    (5) with a rubber balloon, brush, lens paper and soft cloth to clean the mirrors, lenses, exposure lamp, reflector, and dust sealing glass. Cleaning should be to prevent scratching the surface of optical components, will affect the quality and resolution of copy products. If the surface of the optical components oil, fingerprints and other stains, apply a small amount of cleaning fluid clean cotton Festival (cleaning liquid formula is: 70% alcohol, ether 30%), but use should be to prevent the infiltration of lens cleaning solution can dissolve the resin because, Open the lens plastic. Turnover for the optical components such as light draft table glass, light lamp, reflector, reflectors, etc., due to high temperature easy adhesion of dust, apply a small amount of acetone clean cotton Festival.

    (6) Check and clean toner concentration detection standards board, and various optical sensors (scanning planes in situ sensors, the lens in situ sensors, automatic density sensor ADS, original format detection sensor OW / OL, scanning synchronous sensors, etc.) if damaged should be replaced, if necessary, adjust the sensor position

    (7) Clean the optical system of machine chamber.
    (8) to adjust the exposure light intensity.
    (9) for the mobile platform draft copy machine, cleaning and lubrication issued mobile guide.
    (10) checks the optical system of the cooling fan motor, such as damage and change.
    2, photosensitive drum maintenance (1) with a soft brush and sweep clean gauze gently Shan photosensitive drum surface, the adhesion of dust removal.

    (2) If the dust more firmly attached, you can use cotton wool dipped grinding a small amount of cleaning solution clean.

    (3) Check whether the photosensitive drum scratch, if scratch, you should find out the reasons for photosensitive drum is scratched and will be excluded. If the photosensitive drum light scratches, may continue to use; if serious injury should change in time.

    (4) Check whether the photosensitive drum fatigue, fatigue should be if its grinding or wear a protective cover to place it back in fatigue over time. Photosensitive drum in time when a serious change.

    (5) Check photosensitive drum heater is normal, necessary, repaired or replaced.
    (6) Clean and check the photosensitive drum temperature detection sensor is normal, necessary, replacement.

    (7) Clean and lubricate drive gears photosensitive drum or belt, if necessary, replacement.

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